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COVID questions

Will CLAC be providing hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser and wipes will be available at all events, and in the changeroom and toilets.

Are facemasks required within the track?

Attendees 12 years and older must carry a face mask at all times/ wear a mask while in an
indoor space/ where a mask outdoors when physical distancing is not possible.

How is the equipment being sanitised before, during and after competitions?

All equipment will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes before and after use (the exception being if an athlete supplies their own equipment).

Athletes will be required to sanitise their hands after using equipment, including their own.
High jump: all forms of high jump are permissible, with all equipment being thoroughly cleaned after the session.

Shot Put/ Discus/ Javelin: these implements will be cleaned and sanitised before & after use by each athlete.

Only the Coaches and Covid Safety Official – CSO (or other person(s) designated by the CSO) can collect equipment from the equipment shed and then return it.

Will there be access to the club changerooms and toilet facilities?

Access to changerooms and toilets is permitted and will be open for use.

Will the canteen be operating?

The canteen will be open however it may initially be required to operate outside which may impact the range of items supplied.

What are the physical distancing guidelines?

All attendees (exclusive of competing athletes) will be required to strictly maintain physical distancing of at least 1.5m at all times.

Only those required to conduct training may be in attendance: athletes, coaches, volunteers,
COVID-Safe Officials (CSOs) and parents. No Spectators

How do I enter and exit George Knott Athletics Track for competition meets?

Entry to the track will be via the Heidelberg Rd gate from the car park, and you will be required to scan the QR code on entry. As you enter, we’ll direct the athlete to their warm-up area/ first event.

The Exit gate will be via the Merri Creek gate.

CLAC will have committee members on the entry gate to ensure every attendee has scanned the QR code.

The Services Victoria code is 79W RN4 so you can check in manually without having to scan the QR code at the gate

Open the Services Vctoria app & click Check In

Click check in manually
Enter our code 79WRN4
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