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Multi Event Day – Saturday 9th December

A Multi-Event day is different in format to a normal competition day in that points are awarded for each athlete’s performance in a set series of events. The aim is to achieve the highest number of points overall. If you have ever seen the Heptathlon or Decathlon events at the Olympics or Commonwealth Games, this is a Multi-Event.

Please read the following to understand how the CLAC Multi-Event day will operate:

  • The aim is for athletes to take part in all the events scheduled for their age group/gender.
    U6 & U7 athletes will have On Track activities with our coaches as well as sprint races on the back straight. They will be finished by 10.15am.
  • We expect to finish the multi event for the U8 – U17 athletes by approximately 10.45am – 11am. The morning is slightly longer than a usual competition session due to the U8 – U17 athletes competing in 5 or more events (compared to 4 at our normal weekly competition).
  • Event points are calculated based on the degree of difficulty, time and distance/height, with the Alberta Points system used to determine age group winners. Each athlete who completes all their events will receive a ribbon.
  • Athletes must compete in all their age group’s events to be eligible for Multi-Event awards.
  • Medals are awarded to the first three place getters for each age group/gender. Presentations will take place at our Competition Meet on Friday the 15th of December.
  • Please make sure all athletes wear their Registration Tag. It is a fun but big day – parents please volunteer!
  • Program PDF