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Our History

Little Athletics was the inspiration of Geelong local, Trevor Billingham, who noted in early 1960 that lots of Primary School children wanted to participate but were not allowed. So Trevor Billingham came up with a plan and at the Geelong Oval on the first Saturday in October 1964 with a small group of children he held the first Little Athletics Meeting.

This simple beginning has evolved to current Little Athletics.Victorian Little Athletics Association was formed in 1967 and Australian Little Athletics was Formed in Perth 31 March 1972 with the founding members of VIC, NSW, NT and WA. The association, now known as Little Athletics Victoria, has over 20,000 members competing on a weekly basis at 100 Centres across Victoria.

Collingwood was the 10th Centre to be opened and affiliated with Little Athletics Victoria in 1967, making this our 52nd season. The centre was originally located at Coulson Reserve near the railway line on Heidelberg Road, Clifton Hill on a 300m grass track with local schools forming clubs who competed weekly. Collingwood Little Athletics Centre was registered as an incorporated association in August 2014.

We now compete at George Knott Reserve, which is named after a former Mayor (1963โ€“1964) of the City of Collingwood. Knott enjoyed track and field athletics as a young man and joined his beloved Collingwood Harriers Athletic Club which had been founded in 1926. Knott excelled at walking events and over the years won a number of Victorian and Australian championships.

Mission statement / Objectives

  • To develop children of all abilities by promoting positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle through family and community involvement in athletics activities.
  • Through the enjoyment of athletics develop positive attitudes and a healthy lifestyle for our children, families and community.