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Weather policy


Club competition days will be called off if the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) temperature for Melbourne exceeds 38°C at the commencement of, or during, the program.


Club competition days will usually proceed, however the program may change to a Wet Weather Program, dependent upon conditions.

The Competition Manager is responsible for making decisions regarding the conducting of events, based on the weather conditions.  Competition Days will only be cancelled or abandoned if weather conditions are extreme as per LAVic Policy. Check Team App for updates if you are uncertain.

Sun smart and hydrated

Remember to bring a hat and sunscreen. Please also bring your own water bottle. We ask you to label your children’s hat, bottle and clothing for easy identification to avoid a large ‘lost and found’ unclaimed pile by the end of the summer season.

LAVIC Policy-B-Extreme-Weather-Policy-Nov-17.pdf

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